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Arizona Spa Repair & Maintenance

Arizona spa repair

Spas and hot tubs offer a place to unwind and escape the day. Yet, with the state’s unique climate and intense heat, proper spa repair and maintenance become vital to caring for them. From scheduled professional servicing to understanding common problems and their solutions, Living Water Pool Company provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring your spa remains in perfect condition year-round.

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Which Components of a Hot Tub Are Most Likely to be in Need of Repair? 

Hot tubs offer a relaxing experience, but like all complex systems, they have parts that may require regular repair or replacement.

The following list highlights vital components that commonly require attention and explains why these parts are essential to your hot tub’s overall functionality and enjoyment.

  • Motors: Ensuring Smooth Circulation- The motor is essential for moving water through the hot tub’s system. When it fails, circulation can stop, leading to stagnant water. Repairing or replacing the motor is vital for moving the water and keeping the tub functional. 
  • Top Sides: Maintaining User Control- The top sides of a hot tub include the control panel and buttons, allowing you to adjust settings like temperature and jet strength. Repairing this area ensures you retain complete control over your hot tub’s functionality. 
  • Equipment Packs: Upgrading to Digital Systems- Equipment packs contain the hot tub’s electrical components. Upgrading or repairing these can enhance digital control and modernized features, improving the overall hot tub experience. 
  • Ozone Systems: Promoting Clean Water- Ozone is used to sanitize the water, killing bacteria and other pathogens. Regular maintenance or repairs to the ozone system ensures that the water remains clean and safe. 
  • Heaters: Keeping the Temperature Just Right- The heater ensures that the hot tub stays at the desired temperature. When it malfunctions, the water may become too cool. Repairing or replacing the heater is necessary to restore that relaxing warm water experience. 
  • Filters: Avoiding Clogs and Maintaining Cleanliness- Filters catch debris and impurities. Regular cleaning and, when needed, repair or replacement will prevent clogs and maintain the overall cleanliness of the water. 
  • Plumbing Issues: Ensuring Proper Flow- Leaks, blockages, or other plumbing problems can disrupt water flow in the hot tub. Resolving these issues restores the proper flow and prevents potential water damage. 
  • Pump Repair: Restoring Circulation- The pump plays a vital role in circulating water through the hot tub. If it fails, the water stops moving, leading to potential problems with heating and filtration. Repair is essential to keep the water circulating effectively. 
  • Electrical Components: Safeguarding Against Hazards- Malfunctioning electrical components can pose serious safety risks. Timely repairs and inspections are necessary to ensure all electrical systems are safe and up to code. 
  • Control Systems: Regulating Hot Tub Functions- The control systems regulate various aspects of the hot tub, like temperature and jet function. Repairing or upgrading these systems ensures that you have consistent and precise control over your hot tub’s features.
  • Water Purification Systems: Ensuring Water Quality- These systems keep the water in the hot tub clear and free from impurities. Regular maintenance or repair ensures the water stays clean and pure, providing a pleasant and healthy soaking experience.

How Can You Maintain Your Hot Tub Between Professional Services

How do you keep your hot tub in prime condition between professional maintenance visits? Maintaining a spa is not as complex as it might seem but requires regular attention and care. Below, we’ve outlined some essential steps and guidance that you can follow to ensure your hot tub stays clean, safe, and ready for relaxation. 
  • Utilize the Spa Cover Regularly- Use the cover daily to protect your spa from debris and heat loss. Living Water Pool Company offers quality covers that suit your hot tub model. 
  • Regular Water Testing- Test the water at least weekly and before each use to maintain proper chemical balance. Our experts can provide a simple testing kit and instructions to ensure the water remains safe and comfortable. 
  • Monthly Filter Maintenance- Perform a deep clean of the spa’s filter monthly. Living Water Pool Company offers specialized cleaning products that can help you maintain optimum filter performance. 
  • Routine Water Replacement- Depending on usage, drain and refill your hot tub with fresh water every two to four months. Consult our specialists if you need guidance on properly draining and refilling your spa. 
  • Annual Filter Replacement- Change the filter yearly to keep the water flowing smoothly. Living Water Pool Company can provide the filter you need and assist with installation if required. 
  • Acrylic Surface Cleaning- Clean the acrylic surface of your spa as needed. We offer gentle, spa-specific cleaning products to help you keep the surface sparkling without causing damage. 
  • Maintain Accessories and Spa Pillows- Regularly wash any accessories, including spa pillows, to prolong their life and maintain hygiene. Our team can recommend appropriate cleaning methods and products for these items. 
  • Professional Spa Panel Service- For any issues with spa panels, please contact Living Water Pool Company directly. Our trained technicians can service or replace panels to ensure proper functioning. 
  • Vacation Care Services- If you’re going on vacation and need someone to take care of your spa while you’re away, Living Water Pool Company offers tailored care packages to keep your spa in perfect condition. 
Living Water Pool Company prides itself on offering comprehensive support for your hot tub maintenance needs. For anything not covered here, feel free to contact our experienced technicians, who are always ready to assist!

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Common Spa Repair Issues in Arizona

Understanding the common issues with spas and troubleshooting them can save time and frustration. Below, we have outlined the most prevalent problems that hot tub owners may face and practical solutions to address them, ensuring that your spa experience remains uninterrupted and enjoyable.
  • Non-Functional Jets- A hot tub’s jets add to the experience by providing relaxing bubbles. Common reasons include blockages, low water levels, or airlocks.
    • Solutions:
      • Check for Clogs: Inspect the jets for any obstructions or calcium buildup, and clean if necessary.
      • Adjust Water Level: If the water is too low, fill the tub to the required level.
      • Airlock Resolution: Turn the jets on and off to force air out or open the airlock valve near the pump to release the trapped air.
  • Water Doesn’t Heat- If the water doesn’t warm up, it might be due to pump, filter, or heating element issues.
    • Solutions:
      • Inspect Filters: Clean or replace clogged filters to reset the system.
      • Resolve Airlock: Follow the same steps as with jet airlock problems.
      • Check Heating Element: Consult a professional if the heating element is corroded or damaged. Maintain water chemistry to prevent future issues.
  • Control Panel Error Codes- Various error codes on the control panel can indicate specific problems.
    • Solutions:
      • FLO: Indicates water flow issues. Check jets and filters.
      • OH: Signifies overheating. Clean the circulation system or check the motor and pump.
      • SNA/SNB: Likely a sensor or circuit board problem. Call a professional.
      • COOL: If the water is too cold, allow the heater to run longer.
      • DRY: Indicates insufficient water in the heater. Add more water to fix.
  • Cloudy or Smelly Water- Unpleasant odors or cloudy water usually signify imbalanced pH levels.
    • Solutions:
      • Clean Filters: Start by cleaning or replacing the filters.
      • Adjust Chemicals: Shock the water with sanitizer and balance the pH levels according to the owner’s manual.


If any of these problems persist or you feel uncertain about handling the repairs, it’s always wise to consult a professional hot tub technician. Remember, regular maintenance can prevent many of these common issues and extend the life of your hot tub.

hot tub repair

When to Call a Professional for a Spa or Hot Tub Repair

When it comes to a spa or hot tub repair, there are certain instances where it’s best to call a professional. First and foremost, if you are still trying to figure out the problem or how to fix it, it’s always safer to leave it to the experts. They have the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose and repair any issues your spa or hot tub may have.

Additionally, if the problem involves electrical components, it is essential to call a professional due to the potential dangers of working with electricity. Another reason to call a professional is if the repair requires specialized tools or parts you may not have access to. Attempting to repair the spa or hot tub yourself without the proper tools can lead to further damage or even personal injury.

Lastly, suppose your spa or hot tub is still under warranty. In that case, contacting the manufacturer or an authorized dealer for repairs is recommended, as attempting to fix it yourself can void the warranty. It’s best to consult a professional for spa or hot tub repairs to ensure safety and proper functioning.