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Properly caring for your swimming pool is vital to overall property maintenance. Regular upkeep ensures the water remains pure and inviting, free from harmful bacteria and debris. In pool care, using acid as part of the maintenance routine is a common practice contributing to the pool’s cleanliness.

Pool acid washing is a highly effective way to remove stains, kill algae and sanitize a swimming pool.

If a pool has been unused for an extended period or winterizing procedures have been improperly applied, it might lead to undesirable conditions. These situations can cause the pool to become unsanitary and the water unclear.

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Is an Acid Wash Necessary For My Pool? 

Acid washing your swimming pool isn’t always needed. It’s a specific process reserved for certain circumstances requiring a deeper cleanse. The clarity of your pool walls is usually the key indicator for whether an acid wash is needed. If the floor of your pool becomes obscured or mysterious dark spots begin to appear within the pool, it’s a sign that it might be time for a comprehensive cleaning.

Postponing this in-depth cleaning can lead to escalated costs down the line, as the condition of the pool may deteriorate further. Regular, routine maintenance can save you from needing more costly interventions, so staying on top of your pool care is a good idea.

Understanding the Acid Wash Process and Its Benefit

During an Acid Wash performed by Living Water Pool Company, the entire pool is drained using a submerged, quiet electric pump that is so small most customers are unaware it’s even there. This pump has an auto shut-off feature, so customers don’t need to be present or take any action. We set up the pump, typically in the morning, allow it to run during the day, and return the following day to begin work.

An acid wash is an excellent method for removing stubborn stains from plaster & pebble surfaces. We ensure an effective cleaning process by utilizing a precise combination of muriatic acid, water, and a thickening additive. This technique can “etch” away a thin layer of the pool’s plaster, unveiling a fresh and clean layer underneath. Though an intense cleaning method perfect for eliminating harder stains, it should be done only sometimes. Frequent acid washing would gradually erode the pool’s plaster. However, occasional acid washing can significantly rejuvenate a pool’s appearance.

Understanding that acid washing isn’t a solution to every problem is essential. It works best when the plaster is in reasonable condition. If the plaster is aged and thin, or if the stains have penetrated deep into several layers of plaster, an acid wash might not be the best approach.

The method applies to Pebble Tec surfaces, though the visual difference may be less apparent after an acid wash. This doesn’t mean the wash was ineffective; it’s still valuable for general cleaning and removing mineral “haze.”

Always entrust this job to an experienced pool cleaning service like Living Water Pool Company, as using muriatic acid requires expert handling. If left too long, it can cause damage to the pool’s plaster. Our Arizona-based team is highly trained in performing this specialized cleaning.

** PLEASE NOTE:  An acid or chlorine wash does NOT remove the white mineral buildup commonly found on the water line.  This build-up needs an entirely different type of cleaning and is priced separately from an acid wash. 

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Aftercare: What to Do After Your Pool Has Been Acid Washed?

After your pool has undergone an acid wash,  proper maintenance and care become essential to keep it in its best condition. Here’s what you need to know:

Proper Pool Maintenance Post-Acid Wash

Once the acid wash process is complete, it is crucial to establish a routine maintenance schedule. Regular cleaning, skimming, and inspection will prevent the build-up of dirt and algae, maintaining the clean and fresh appearance achieved through the acid wash.

Tips for Prolonging the Cleanliness and Appearance

  • Regular Monitoring: Keeping a close eye on the pool’s water level, cleanliness, and equipment can help identify and address minor issues before they become significant problems.
  • Use Quality Products: Investing in high-quality pool cleaning products can prolong the effects of the acid wash and keep your pool looking its best.
  • Follow Professional Advice: If the acid wash was done by a professional service like Living Water Pool Company, adhere to the instructions and recommendations they provide for your pool’s needs.

Rebalancing Pool Chemistry

Acid washing can drastically change the pool’s chemical balance. It’s vital to rebalance the water chemistry promptly to maintain a healthy swimming environment. Here’s how:

  • Test the Water: Utilize a pool testing kit to assess the current pH levels, alkalinity, chlorine, and other vital chemicals.
  • Adjust Chemical Levels: Based on the test results, you may need to add specific chemicals to bring the water back into balance.
  • Monitor Regularly: Keep checking and adjusting the chemical levels as needed, especially in the first few weeks following the acid wash, to ensure the water remains safe and comfortable for swimming.


By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a clean, beautiful pool for a more extended period and ensure the full benefit of the acid wash performed by Living Water Pool Company. Contact our experts for more personalized advice tailored to your pool’s specific needs.